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Rigid Panels


Correx is a durable, corrugated plastic weatherproof material ideally suited to outdoor temporary signage

  • Correx is a durable, corrugated plastic weatherproof material ideally suited to outdoor temporary signage

  • Our correx boards are printed using UV stable inks making them perfect for outdoor applications

  • Corrugated plastic means it is lightweight yet durable

  • We offer a range of finishing options including cut to size or cut to shape

  • Can be tied or nailed to posts, fences or can be stuck onto any surface with double sided tape

  • Correx has a neutral pH factor and at room temperatures most oils, solvents and water have no effect, allowing it to be used in adverse weather conditions or where there is contact with chemicals.

  • Available in all popular sizes and can be custom cut

  • Handling - lightweight yet sturdy, meaning it can be used in many applications

  • Weatherproof - can be used for long term outdoor applications, printed directly to the correx board using inks that wont fade or peel

  • Economical - cheaper than many other forms of signs, but just as durable



Rigid Panels


Foamex also known as Foam PVC or Foam Board PVC is a rigid board that uses compressed foam, making it sturdy yet lightweight​

  • Foamex Board is a very strong and rigid material that is easy to hang using self tapping screws, double sided velcro or double sided adhesive pads

  • PVC Foamex has a smooth matte silk finish, meaning prints really stand out on it, whilst also being impact resistant

  • Unlike wooden signs, Foamex won't rot or swell

  • With our computer aided cutting process, Foamex can be made into any shape you require

  • Due to it's composition, Foamex Board can be screwed to walls, post mounted or hung in a frame

  • Foamex signs are popular for exhibition displays, signs, in store promotions, information boards, event signage and much more

  • Our Foamex panels come in all the popular A sizes as well as being able to custom print any size you want

  • Available in 3 thickness's: 3mm, 5mm or 10mm

  • Versatility - weather proof so can be used outside, strong yet light material ideal for a variety of applications

  • Economical - low cost to manufacture, therefore a low price for you, bulk discount available on request



Rigid Panels


Dibond is an aluminium faced composite sheet with a a polythene making it extremely tough, yet light and stylish.

  • Can be fixed to posts and walls either drilled, screwed, riveted or nailed

  • Aluminium composition means it doesn't rust or get cracks

  • Dibond is often used as directory signs for offices or flats, but can also be used excellently in car parks, property development hoardings, direction and information signage and much more

  • Dibond is also known as composite aluminium, Raybond, Dilite or Dibond Digital.

  • Applications; Permanent and Long Term Displays,  Construction Hoardings, Real Estate Signage, Industrial Signs, Building Sites, Parking Signs, Traffic or Road Signs & Direction Signs

  • Advantages of Using Dibond Aluminium

  • Sturdiness - being made from composite aluminium, our Dibond signs are rigid and have been thoroughly tested for high impact resistance

  • Stylish - sleek aluminium faced finish looks professional and modern. Can be printed with effects such as being embossed, at a fraction of the price.
    Weatherproof - can be used outside in a variety of applications thanks to its aluminium structure and UV inks

  • Durability - as well as being printed with inks that wont fade or peel, the composition of Dibond means it is intended for long term use. Large format printing


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