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Internationally renowned tattoo artist Chris Crooks is a client who appreciates fine quality and traditional craftsmanship.


When he had the opportunity to purchase the remaining portion of the building it was time to put his unique mark on the entire premises! 

With clients flying in from all over the world for his signature large scale Japanese full body suit tattoos. The signage on the exterior is the very first opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the customers experience.

The Brief: High quality, traditional, eye-catching, luxurious & low maintenance.

The obvious choice for the exterior was a 3D carved and 24k gold-leaf sign, in the past this type of sign would have been carved from hardwood timbers like oak. However the down side of natural timbers is the annual maintenance, so in this case we decided to opt for a manufactured material MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME with an above ground guarantee of up to 50 years!

To complement the exterior signage it was decided for the street level window to use a two tone gold with a black key line in flat and mirror finish was the perfect pairing. The design started out life as an intricate hand drawn artwork on paper that we had to vectorise into digital cutting files.


To top off the job, an interior custom made illuminated fabric light box was commissioned. Normally these boxes are made with extruded aluminium but in this case that was decided to be too commercial a finish and a maple ply with black satin stain was used to give a more organic feel.

All in all this turned out to be a fabulous project for us and the client, all parties thoroughly enjoyed the full process of design and consultation. Throughout the design and manufacturing process we kept Chris fully informed providing regular updates and video clips as the job progressed though the workshop.


3d Carved

Gold Leaf.jpg





gold foil
window graphics

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